Benton Barracks St. Louis Mo.
November the 30th /62

To Miss Hannah Cone

I will inform you with Pleasure that I am well at the Present time & I Hope that when this reaches you that it many find you well I can tell you that the Boys are Generaly Well at the Present & in verry Good Spirits

I Suppose that you have heard the Particulars of our travels from Keokuk to this Place through Wills letters Hence you you *sic* will Please Pardon me for giveing it but a Brief Notice

We left Keokuk on th 24th inst & came down the River Stoping Every now & then at the little towns By the Way I can tell that those little towns on the Mo. Side of the River are Hard looking Places little Dirty cabins with nothing to Sell Hardly But whiskey & the People looks to Suit the Places

But anough of that We arrived at St. Louis about 2 oclock on the morning of the 26th inst We was most all Sound asleep next morning at daylight We went up on Deck & we considerble that we never See Before the Steam Boats was up & down the River Wharf as far as we could See. But again about 3 oclock in the after noon we Recd. Orders to Put on our Harness & march to this Place!

Co A was the first to march off the Boat We formed & marched up through the little villige St Louis to this Place & we found a verry nice Place Here good quarters for us & we get Plenty to Eat & Suffice it to Say that we are Doing verry well

we Exspect to leave Here in a day or two to go we know not where But Suppose to Helena Arkansas I can tell you that we found Several Boys Here that we knew Via Philander Wilson George House Y. Lee Albert Miles & others---

I am sorrow to tell you that we left H W Reikel & Y. M. Osburn in the Hospital at Keokuk But I Hope that they will follow us verry Soon & also that we left 6 or 8 others there Y. A. Lyon was verry Sick---

Well Miss Han I will tell you that I & Will Has written about a dozen letters Since we left Home & Recd. But 2 or 3 letters This is the 2d. one that I have Writen to you & Recd. No Answer

Please write verry soon & Direct Plain
Co A 36th Iowa Infantry
St Louis Mo
give my love & Respects to all the Friends & Reserve ashare for your Self

in Friendship love & truth
I am verry Respectfully yours

Newton Scott

of Co A 36th Iowa Infantry
Benton Barracks
St Louis Mo.

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