Barracks A. Company 36th Iowa Vols
Little Rock Arks Nov. 3rd 1864

Dear Friend

Yours of the 16th inst. is Recd. with Pleasure.. "I was verry glad To hear from you and that you was well..

"This leaves me well at the Present & Hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you well.. The boys of Co A.are mostly well at this time" Your Brother was well on yesterday.. he was up to see us he is Still on Detach Service in the City..

I am sorrow to Infrom you that Zellek H. Collins of our Co. (and Brother to Wm E. Collins Post master in Albia) died hear in Regamental Hospital on the Ist Inst., Diseas Typhoid Fever. Friend Hearvey was a good Soldier & a Social Comrade and we Regret his loss verry much..

Well Han, I have no News of Interest to write to you at this Time But I will write Something & will Try & Do Better in the Future..

I had almost given up getting a letter from you, and I think that we are getting verry Careless in writing to Each other So lets Do Better in the Future. Friend Han, you stated in your letter of the 16th inst that you Often looked over to my old home & thought of the many happy hours that Your Self & I with Two others had Enjoyed.

But one of our Group was now missing.. "Yes how True it is, and I often think of Past Times when I was at home & of the many Pleasant Moments that I have Enjoyed with My Friends & I often ask My Self is it True that Amanda is married.. "But oh it is True," and I cannot help it-and hence I will try & Enjoy My Self as Best I can. Every Person is there own Guardian in that Respect & will have to Risk there Chances Amanda was at Liberty to Do well or Do as She has Done and Now She will have to Do as Best She Can..

You stated that Miss Samatha Gillespy was agoing to get Married Soon.. Please Tell me in your next letter the Lucky mans Name that has Married Miss Samantha.. & also Please, Oh Please Tell me If my Hattie is married yet For I know that She is Tired of Single life Ere this time..

Well Han, I will tell you that we have just Eleven months From tomorrow to Serve for Uncle Sam and If our health & lives is Spared we Expect to Visit our Friends after that Time and Enjoy the Many Pleasures of Friends and the Pleasures of Sweet home I Expect to Return to old Monroe County again If I am Spared to live and have my helath after my Eleven months is served for Uncle Sam...
And I hope & think that the War will Be Over By that Time. I think that the Election or Reelection of President Lincoln will Do much Toward the Closeing of the War.. "The Election is near at hand and I I *sic* am glad to tell you that Co. A has No McClellen Men Amongst our No.. I think that Every man that Belongs to Co. A will Vote for Old Abe without a Doubt.. But I must close For it is 8 oclock at night & the Drum is Beating for Roll Call & I must go Please write Soon & give all the News & Particulars &You will Please Excuse my long letter & The Composed letter & Poorly writen Remarks & I will Try to Do Better in the Future

Please write Soon with out Delay
Very Respfully Yours,
Newton Scott
Co. A. 36th Iowa

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