Camp 36 th.. Iowa Infty
Little Rock Arks
Sabbath night-Feb.. the 14th.. 1864

Miss Han... M. Cone

Dear Friend
Your long looked for letter of the 25th.. inst is Recd.. at last I was verry glad to Hear from you again for it Has Bin Some time Before Since I Recd.. any letter from you.. This leaves me well & also the Boys are Generaly well I was Glad to Hear that you was anticipating a good time on the arrival of Co. E of the 6th.. Iowa & Indeed I Hope the Boys one & all of them & the girls will Have a Merry time while on there Short visit Home for If any Body Deserves a good time & Honors it is the Brave Boys of the old 6th.. Iowa.. All Honor to them But I don't think it Right for them to Reenlist & Serve 3 years longer & let those Cowardly Copperheads Stay at Home & spit there Treason at the Poor Worn out Soldiers What Do they care whether the Soldiers lives or not.. Away away with all Such Fiends But again I think the war will close By the time our Term of Service Expires & I Hope that those Veterans will not Have to Serve there 3 years.. But the Future only Can Decide when it will Close

Well Han.. you Said that you wished Co. A. could Come Home this Spring or Summer Well you may Be Shure that I would love to Come Home to Enjoy Some fun But then you Know that 30 days is the longest Period that Furloughs are Given & that would Be a verry Short time to Remain Home & Hence I will Be Content to wait & If I live See the Close of the war or Experation of our time of Service

Oh Indeed I would love to Be at Home & Enjoy the Pleasures of Friends & cut around with some of the Girls again But when I come I wish to come Knowing that I can Remain at Home If I choose & If I live & Have my Health I Exspect to Come Home that way

I think it the Duty of Every Able Bodied man If Necessary to Help Defend His country But I think 3 years Sufficient long for one man to Serve while they all take there turns.. But those old Troops Reenlisting will Soon Put an End to the Rebellion Certain for they will know that they Cannot Conquor well Drilled & well Tried Soldiers & there army is Deserting Daily & comeing over to our army & a great many of them Enlisting in our army
One Day last week there was 126 men mostly Deserters from Price & citizens of this State Came in & took the oath of Allegiance & 100 of them joined our army.. now this is True for a man Told me that See them.. & there is Hardly a day But some come in & takes the oath

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