Helena Arks April the 9th /63
Dear Miss Han. M. Cone

I will Inform you with Pleasure that I am well at the present & I hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you well I Have Recd. no letter from you Since the about the 1st of March I wrote you an answer on the 9th of March & Rec. no Ans yet & I Have concluded to write one letter for Spite Well Han. I dont know that I have much of Interest to write at the Present But I will write alittle & tell you How the Boys are getting along Since I wrote you last we Have Had considerable Sickness in our Co. E. F. Knight Has Bin verry sick But is Getting well now. Dorsey Makin is verry Sick at the Present He took Sick on or about the 15th March & Has Bin Gradualy Sinking Ever Since He is not Exspected to live I Have Bin waiting on Him Ever Since the 24th March We carried Him from the Boat yesterday Evening to His Relatives Here & I & Will P. is Staying with Him I think that He can not last But afew Days longer. the Rest of acquaintances are Generaly well I Beleive at this time--

Well Han, Since I last Wrote to you I Have Heard Rebel Bullets Sing But we Have Had no General Fight we was Fired on Several times By Gurillas Fired on us & Slightly Wounded 2 of our Co. Sergt. D. P. Bay was Shot in the Shoulder But not Seriously also Thomas Nichol was Shot on the cheek the Bullet was taken out But *But is crossed out* it will Soon Be well again

We left Ft Greenwood on the 4th & arrived Here on yesterday We Will go into camp Here But I know not How long we will Remain Here I think it Doubtful Whether we stay Here verry long I Have not Room to tell you any thing about our Expedition for it Would take about 20 Sheets of Paper to tell all But Suffice it to say that we Had apretty Hard time & Sufferd considerable with Sickness & Done But little Damage only in the Destruction of Cotton & Property I Have See a great many large Buildings & Fencing Burned and any Amount of other Property taken We got Several messes of Good chicken While we was gone we Respected Rebel Property But little & where Ever they Fired on our Boats We landed & Burnt Every thing that would Burn

But enough to this for the Present Well Han. I must tell you that I & the old Lady liveing at this Home Had a Big chat last night She Has two verry nice girls they are Sociable & Friendly & good looking But they are Secsh they Have Sent there only Grown Brother to Join the Rebel Army He left Here on the 9th of March they are verry Good to Dorsey they will give Him any thing that he will Eat If they are Secesh they are in favor of Peace on any terms they are verry tired of the war But they hear that the war will last Some time & I think my Self that it will Be some time yet Before the war closes

But I will Have to close for I Have my sheet Filled & nothing writen Will is Sitting By me writing to David Cone Please write all Particulars & write Soon give my Respects to all

Respectfully yours Newton Scott

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