Camp 36th Regt Iowa Vols
Saint Charles Arks May 24th "65

Miss H. M. Cone..

Yours of the 13th Inst is Recd. "Was glad to hear from you and that you was well..

"had almost given up ever Receiving another letter from you but better late than never

"This leaves me well at this time also the boys Generaly are in Pretty good health at this Time.. "hope that when this Reaches you That it may find you Enjoying the best of health..

"well you Stated in your letter that Many changes had taken Place up in Monroe here of late and the most heart-breaking of all is my Darling has long ago Forsaken me and Married and left me to mourn my life away or in other words Do the best I can During my future life "Yes Indeed I thank you verry much For your Sympathy Toward me in my Sad bereavement.
(hope I will Survive the Sudden Shock) and wish for better Success in the future.

"Well you Stated in your letter that you thought the time not far Distant when we would return home..
Indeed I hope not but I dont think That we will get home for 2 or 3 months yet but hope we will get home Sooner.. Though it is the General opinion here that we will get home by the 20th of July If not Sooner and I hope we may "have no News of much Interest to write from here at this time Everything is Quiet here Except that the Rebs Still continue to Come in & Surrender themselves & take the Oath. There is no Rebs of any Consequence North of the Arkansas River & West of the Miss River now They haveing all or nearly So Come in to our Forces & Taken the Oath..
"but I Suppose that Kirby Smith & Mcgruder & Price will Still oppose the government until They are Driven out & there Country Burned and If they Do not Surrender I hope to God that our Government will Exterminate the whole Crew of those General Officers & leading men for they cant but know that there case is a hopeless one & have no reason for Continuing the war longer..
"Well I believe that I have written all for this time. would be verry glad to See you & have a long talk with you..
Could Tell you much more If Present than I can write and hope how Soon we will get home to Enjoy the Comforts of Civil life & the many Pleasures of good Friends..

"Will Say to you That I dont understand your meaning when you Said that For your reason for not writing Sooner you could not write but would tell me when I Came home = = = = = = =.
"but hope it was for no error of my Self.. but I cant insist on knowing as you Said you would tell me when I came home

Well I will close for to day
Please write Soon
and tell me all the News and Particulars and
hopeing to hear from Soon again

Believe me as ever
Yours verry Respectfully
Newton Scott
Co. A. 36th Regt Iowa vols

To Miss Han.. M. Cone
Albia Iowa

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