Written on letterhead paper:

U. S. Christian Commission, Rev. Shepard Wells, Field Agent. Rev. O. W. Fay, Local Agent.

Little Rock, July 22nd.. 1864

Dear Friend Han..

Your letter of the 8th.. Inst is Recd.. with Pleasure.

I was Glad to Hear from you & that you Had gained your Health again. This leaves me in moderate Health only. I Resumed Duty on the 13th.. Inst & Have Bin on Guard Several times Since & I am Doing verry well & I Hope when this reaches you that it may find you well & Enjoying your Self. I See Will P. on yesterday. He was well & Hearty. the Boys of Co. A are Mostly well Except Some of the Recruits Our Co. Has lost Some 4 men In the Past month, to wit Ol. Cattern Died on the 23rd. June. Wm.. Carhart was Drowned on the 1st.. Inst. Robert B Miller Died on the 5th. Inst & Joseph Warren Died on the 13th.. inst. This Summer will take off many of the Recruits.

Capt John M. Porter Started Home on 30 days leave of Absence on Yesterday & will Reach Albia Ere this Reaches you If He meets with Good Luck & If He gets Home He can tell you all the News from Little Rock.

I Fear Capt Porters Health will not Permit Him to Return to us again. Though I Hope He may gain His Health & get Back & Remain with us while in the U. S. Service For I think there is But few Better men than Capt Porter. Sergt.. Marshal Law is our 1st.. Lieut Now & will be Capt If Porter leaves us But I Hope that Capt Porter may not leave us.

Well Han,, you Stated that you wished me & Will could get a Furlough Home. Well Indeed we would love to Come Home you may Be Shure But it is almost Impossible for a well man to get a Furlough when Sick men can not get them when it would Save many Dear lives I Have no Idea of getting Home untill the Expiration of my time of Service. & If Permited to live then I exspect to Return Home & See the People & Eat Peaches. We Could get Home This winter Coming By Reenlisting as Veterans for 3 years longer But I am not wanting to get Home that Bad yet a while.

I did think when I left Home that the war would not last over 15 months But now I would not Be Surprised If it last 5 years. Though it may Close Soon & I Hope it will. But I am Pretty certain it will not close Ere our time of Service is out
Well I Have No News of Interest to write at this time

The weather is verry warm Here & there is Considerable Sickness Among Soldiers Citizens & Refugees & many Dieing off. There is not much Fighting going on in this Depmt. But Considerable Bush whacking up & Down White River & along the Rail Road But it don't Amount to much as yet. Well I believe that I Have told you all for the Present. Please write Soon & give all the News & Particulars & what for times you are Having up in Iowa & If my Luck is Still living & on Pleading terms-----------------------

After my Best wishes & Respects to you Beleive me

Verry Truly Yours

Newton Scott

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